Related to the current protests in Romania

Related to the current protests in Romania

Firstly, the massive protests have been supported by current opposition parties, as well as by an important part of the civil society, in a legitimate action of protest against the undemocratically adopted executive ordinance. The agenda of the Government meeting wasn’t published previously, but a 10-days public consultation has been held. Unfortunately, the final form of the regulation was the same after the input coming from independent experts, biased and unbiased civil society and other interested parties.

However, the protests can be better understood as a political power conflict between the President (and his supporters, including supporters of former cabinet and leaders of opposition parties) and the Government supported by a majority coalition following the general elections held in December. The fight against corruption is just a pretext for an internal power play. The adopted regulations are in compliance with the international standards related to abuse of power, abuse of authority, misconduct in public office or malfeasance in office. I have to mention that it strengthens important legal rights during the investigation including the presumption of innocence, therefore the prosecutors have a legitimate claim oppose it, considering the questionable methods of evidence gathering that have been reported in the last years.

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  1. Buna ziua domnule Blidaru,

    Sunteti printre primele persoane care au relatat cu obiectivitate si incercand sa fie impartial, despre adevaratele motive ale protestelor. Felicitari si incercati sa fiti si in continuare la fel de obiectiv, chiar daca simpatiile personale ar putea sa va duca in alta directie. Dar repetarea acelorasi sabloane este paguboasa pe termen lung si e nevoie de o analiza cat mai obiectiva si cu argumente, pro si contra.

  2. He told the protesters that “we are all Romanians”, as a response to many protesters claiming he is against the Romanian population due to his German ethnicity. The dialogue quickly broke down as protesters were shouting against him, uninterested in establishing a discussion, and he left soon after.

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