Vedem US în Iraq?

Câteva precizări cu privire la situația din Iraq, despre posibila intervenție a US pentru a-și repara o parte din greșeli, despre contextul regional și istoric.

The Digital Divide

Well, the Internet power is growing. Nowadays, the Internet is responsible for 21% of economic growth in developed countries ( amazing, but is more than energy or agriculture ).

80% of teachers say that eLearning increases student engagement and the quality of work. Also, just in USA, 6 000 000 students are taking online classes.

Poverty in the US

$22 350 represent the poverty level for 2011 ( annual income ) for a family of four. The percentage of Americans living in poverty is growing in the last years. This infographic shows problems of US about poverty and food insecure.   Click here to expand Source: This resource,, offers more infographics and facts …