Cel mai scump computer

Cel mai scump calculator din lume costa  16 000 de euro. Caracteristici: Four quad-core Opteron processors, 32 GB of memory, Windows Server 2008, Asus Xonar DX PCI Express sound card, 3Ware 9550SX-8LP SATA 3 Gb/s RAID controller, Two Western Digital 300 GB VelociRaptor hard drives in RAID 1, Two 1 TB Samsung SpinPoint F1s also …

Top Computer Games

1.GTA IV 2.World of warcraf 3.Unreal Tournament 4.Call of Duty4 5.Fifa 09/Pes09 6.Prince of Persia 7.Timeshift 8.Ironman/Crysis 9.Gears of war 10.NFS Undercover