Meet Magento Belarus 2014 (press release)

Meet Magento Belarus 2014

meet magentoHighlight October 15th in your 2014 calendar, because that’s the day Magento e-commerce platform is officially visiting Belarus. Meet Magento Belarus 2014 international event is organized by Amasty, one of the leading Magento extensions developers. The conference will be devoted to e-commerce and various aspects of working with Magento.

Magento is already very popular around the world, however still there are huge perspectives for its growth. This is why the conference is going to be one of the main venues to share experience and knowledge for e-commerce gurus from Eastern Europe. Meet Magento invites not only Magento professionals, but also people keeping up to the latest IT trends.

What is Magento?

Currently Magento is an absolute leader among e-commerce platforms and is used by more than 250 000 companies the world over.

What’s so special about it, you may ask. Basically, Magento is one of the most successful examples of open source PHP software architecture. At the same time its functionality can be easily expanded with the help of thousands ready-made extensions. Magento is used by such big and famous brands as Samsung, Nike, Ford, and HP. eBay has owned Magento for 3 years, which works perfectly for the platform’s expansion and quality as well.

Why take part in Meet Magento Belarus 2014?

Meet Magento events are held annually in more than ten countries and draw thousands of IT professionals and e-commerce evangelists together. This is a unique opportunity to visit a global scale conference targeted on sharing experience with international colleagues. Visit Meet Magento Belarus to:

  • Share e-commerce evangelists’ enthusiasm;
  • Learn about the latest PHP development tendencies;
  • Meet great specialists and maybe potential future colleagues;
  • Become a part of growing Magento community in Belarus;
  • Find a job at international companies;
  • Learn about online and e-commerce marketing;
  • Learn about advantages of using Magento for e-stores;
  • And here’s a really sweet cherry on top of the pie – win valuable prizes!

meet magento belarus 2014

Meet Magento Agenda:

  • Global e-commerce market trends, including Belarus. Market capacity, competition, and the newest customer studies.
  • Ideal PHP: design patterns for commercial software.
  • Using Online Marketing for sales and getting loyal customers.
  • Best architecture practices for Magento development.

Amasty is actively communicating with potential speakers from various countries. The list of presentations is still in the course of work, and only the most useful and outstanding speeches will be picked for you. And we are happy to hear any suggestions!


The event takes place in the congress hall of Victoria Olymp hotel, which is situated in one of the most picturesque places of Minsk, the capital of Belarus. You can enjoy the presentations and watch the slides on a huge video wall, comfortable seats and great sound are at your service. Don’t miss a chance to find new business opportunities and acquaintances in the spacious banqueting area.

How to take part in Meet Magento Belarus 2014?

Please follow the link on Amasty website to buy the tickets and check the details.

See you in October!

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